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Our company's EVA foam sheet products are divided into two main areas:

EVAplast — general-purpose sheets that optimally combine quality and affordable price.

EVApren — special-purpose sheets for products requiring higher elasticity, permanent deformation, wear resistance, etc.

We use special equipment and tools that allow us to produce sheets 3.5-50 mm thick. The maximum sheet thickness depending on the equipment used and the level of foaming can range from 20 to 50 mm.

The material hardness depending on the recipe and the level of foaming can range from 20 to 75 units according to JIS S 6050 (Asker C scale).



Innovative monolithic material based on EVA-polymer made by double foaming.

Density: 25 and 40 kg/m?

3 material grades depending on composition

Sheet dimensions 1200?2500?95 mm

Wide color range

Сan be cut 2.5-95 mm thick

Highlights of the material:

  • Shock resistance
  • Resistance to decay and chemicals
  • Softness and elasticity
  • Low weight
  • Easy assembly
  • Resilience and strength
  • Long service life
  • Zero water absorption
  • Eco-safety
  • Easy machine processing


IMPORTANT! If you use hardness scales other than Asker C (Shore A, C, D, etc.) in your production, please specify this when ordering.

Sheets are available in more than 30 color options.

Standard colors:



Extra colors:



Sheets can have both smooth surfaces and textures of several types. Please check in with our manager about the available texture options for the positions you are interested in.

Texture types:


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