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EVA Sheets


Our company manufactures and offers a wide range of foam sheets based on EVA-polymer (ethylene vinyl acetate) materials — EVAplast and EVApren.

Ethylene vinyl acetate is a modern eco-friendly material made by copolymerization of ethylene and vinyl acetate monomer. Chemical foaming and cross-linking of EVA-polymer used at our enterprise makes it possible to obtain a lightweight elastic closed-cell material with a uniform microporous structure and high physical and mechanical characteristics. Foamed EVA material (also called EVAplast, EVApren, Evapor, Penosevilen, etc.) has a number of properties that determine its wide application:

  • elasticity and deformation resistance;
  • low weight (density from 60 to 400 kg/m?);
  • wide range of hardnesses (20-80 JIS S 6050 units or 10-60 SHORE A units);
  • wide temperature range (from -70 to +80 deg. C);
  • high resistance to aggressive environments and UV radiation;
  • chemical inertness and non-toxicity, no smell;
  • low dielectric permittivity;
  • excellent insulating properties (thermal conductivity coefficient up to 0.04 W/mK);
  • high soundproofing characteristics;
  • easy workability (mechanical, waterjet, and laser cutting, milling, grinding, thermoforming);
  • wide color selection;

Our company is a direct manufacturer of EVA foam sheets, and we offer our customers a wide range of products in terms of thickness, hardness, color, and surface pattern, including custom-made products. With punching presses and a thermoforming line, we manufacture finished products from EVAplast and EVAprene sheets, both from our assortment and according to your order. 

Export Manager: Artur Karapetyan

Phone: +7 926 635 33 33



141150 Moscow region, Shchelkovsky district, Losino-Petrovsky, 1 Pervomayskaya st., bldg. 7

Moscow office: Integral BC, 10 Serp i Molot Plant Passage. Office 407

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