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EVA Die-Cut Outsole


Die-cut outsoles are produced in different thicknesses, hardness, and colors.  The outsoles have a wide range of sizes and various shapes. We also produce shoe cutters according to your templates as quickly as possible.  They are used for home, beach, and disposable footwear production.

Export Manager: Artur Karapetyan

Phone: +7 926 635 33 33

E-mail: akarapetyan@eco-cover.ru








141150 Moscow region, Shchelkovsky district, Losino-Petrovsky, 1 Pervomayskaya st., bldg. 7

Moscow office: Integral BC, 10 Serp i Molot Plant Passage. Office 407

PHONE: +7 (495) 526-20-04

EMAIL: info@eco-cover.ru



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