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Play Soft Floor with Borders

Our bordered soft play floor is a must-have if you value comfort, safety, and reliability. Various tile coloring will make your child's room more fun both for you and your child.

Bordered Soft Play Floor perfectly insulates heat and creates the ""warm floor"" effect (your child can sit, lay on, or walk barefoot on this floor in any season without feeling cold). Soft Floor covering is trauma-proof, as it's soft enough to cushion a child's fall. Soft Floor covering perfectly insulates noise and is resistant to household chemicals and moisture. Easy to clean and wash at home.

Bordered soft play floor is produced in a puzzle form, which makes it easy to install, disassemble, and replace in a short time.

Universal bordered soft-floor doesn't have to be glued to the surface which speeds up its assembly and disassembly. In case of damage, simply replace the damaged part without having to disassemble or dismantle the entire covering.

Play Soft Floor «SMILEYS»

Play Soft Floor «SMILEYS»

Play Soft Floor «PANDA»

Play Soft Floor «PANDA»

Play Soft Floor «BEARS»

Play Soft Floor «BEARS»

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